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    Gorilla Tobacco Sellers via Online were Arrested by West Java Provincial Police Commands (Polda)


    BANDUNG-Included as a new category of narcotic drugs which was regulated in the Minister of Health's Decree No. 2 2017 regarding Narcotics Classification Changes, Gorilla Tobacco is harmful. This kind of tobacco contais AB-CHMINACA substance which resulted in addiction.

    The distribution of the tobacco now has penetrated via online which is worrisome. The Directorate of Narcotic and Drug Offences West Java Provincial Police Commands arrested five drugs junkies of gorilla tobacco. They are AS (23), RR (24), MMS (25), MRA (28), and FMW (23). They were arrested in three different areas which are Garut, Bandung, and Karawang.

    "The method they were using is ordering the tobacco via online and the package was delivered by delivery services," said Head of Public Relations Division of West Java Provincial Police Commands, Senior Commissioner (Kombes) Yusri Yunus, Thursday (16/2).

    From AS, police found 18 small packages of gorilla tobacco which was stored in a lunch box. Meanwhile, from RR, police confiscated 6 packages weighing 90 grams and 45 grams. Futhermore, from MMS, MRA, and FMW, police found 2 grams of gorilla tobacco as the evidence.

    One of the suspect, AS, admitted that he bought the tobacco from Instagram worth 500 thousand rupiah per 5 grams. He did not deny that after using the tobacco, he experienced hallucination.

    As consequence for what they did, the five junkies they were sentenced by Article 114 paragraph (2) and Article 112 paragraph (2) Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics, with the pprovision of 20 years imprisonment.

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