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    The Members of Indonesian Business Women Association (IWAPI) were Trained to Plant Chilli


    LEMBANG-The Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia cooperated with Indonesian Business Women Association (IWAPI) to cultivate chilli. The event was held as a way to suppress the commodity price of chilli that hikes recently. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman, the efforts started with distributing chilli seeds to all the members of IWAPI throughout the country for free. The Ministry of Agriculture cooperated with Familiy Welfare Movement (PKK), besides IWAPI.

    The signing of chilli seed distribution agreement between Regional Board (DPD) IWAPI of West Java with Ministry of Agriculture which was held at Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) Lembang, Wednesday (8/2/2017). The Chairperson of DPD IWAPI of West Java, Masrura Ramidjal, welcomed the cooperation and is ready to distribute through Branch Coordinator (DPC) IWAPI in 24 regencies/cities throughout West Java.

    Masrura added, DPD IWAPI of West Java held a training to plant chilli by Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) as a follow-up, Thursday (16/2) at the assembly hall of BPTP, Lembang, West Bandung.

    The training to plant chilli was attended by 40 representatives from several DPC IWAPI of regencies/cities in West Java. The event was happening one day started from 9 a.m. until it was over.

    After been given counseling regarding chilli planting by Counseling Team from BPTP of West Java, Wawan, the representatives were brought to Agro Inovasi Park to directly practise how to plant chilli in a correct way.

    In chilli cultivating training, there are 45.000 chilli seeds that were given to the representatives of DPC IWAPI of regencis/cities in West Java to be cultivated latter in their houses.

    The Head Division Service and Study Cooperation (KSPP) BPTP Lembang, Nana Sutrisna, said "especially for IWAPI we provided help 45.000 plants in polybag that will be given by the DPD IWAPI to DPC in 26 regencies/cities," he said.

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