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    Creativity and Development Must be Side by Side


    BANDUNG-The Chairperson of the National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of West Java province, Netty Heryawan, said that craft and creativity cannot be separated from development. "What we called creative product usually temporary. If there are other creative products, our product lost to them." she said.

    "Actually, the key point is how to maintain the ideas or creativity, so our produtcs will be keep up-dated, our products will kee following the times and society love our products," said Netty after the launch of Mini Gallery IM & CO Irna Mutiara at Persada Asri Residence III Block R No. 1, Rancabolang, Bandung City, Wednesday (15/2/2017).

    Thus, Dekranasda of West Java try to visit the craftspeople who are in crisi. For example, regarding the funding, machine, and promotion of the products. So, there is a programme which aims to improve the products and human resources quality through management and training.

    Not a while ago, UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) required that there must be economic empowerment in Geopark area. Netty and Dekranasda of West Java had formulated a programme to manage and train the citizens through shell and coconut processing training. Shell and coconut are chosen due to there are a lot of shells and coconuts in the area. By involving advanced entrepreneur in Cirebon to give training in Ciletuh.

    Moreover, environment issue is also raised, and we are going to proclaim trash upcycling programme, said Netty. Just like the area in Bogor, Rancage village. They created a newspapers upcycling programme, so the newspapers are not only recycled, but also converted into economic products.

    "What they have done in Rancage village is great. They have export quality produtcs that are interesting for buyer from Korea for note cover, Canada and America for olive oil case and conduction," she said.

    Netty and Dekranasda try to improve embroidery quality which is very famous. In order to improve the quality, we must do training that relate to the craft and regeneration. "So it is not just old women but there must be regeneration so there are young generation who continue the craft and also improve the quality," she adde.

    According to Netty, if we keep regenerate, the embroidery craft must be long lasted and the creativity in colouring the fabric will be various. Besides the regeneration, providing facilities for the process is alsi important. The crafts said that the machine are limited, it means that the products will be also limited even though the demand is increasing.

    When she was asked regarding which are the developing and developed area, Netty said that Dekranasda of West Java have subjective evaluation that each regency/city has each own character, human resources and tool.

    Sometimes, promotion become the challenge for the enterpreneurs. Netty said that there are several enterpreneurs who enlarging their promotion by their own or in cooperation with regional government. For those who do the promotion by their own, they can give advice to those beginner enterpreneurs.

    "There are several enterpreneurs who are helped and trained by the government. We hope for collaboration, regional government give training for the beginner enterpreneurs who need help and guidance. Meanwhile, those who are advanced can give their knowledge and experiences, so we can be advanced together, not alone," she said.

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