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    West Java Video Conference with Ministry of Home Affairs, Regional Election is Conducive


    BANDUNG - In order to watching the implementation of simultaneous regional elections in 2017, Ministry of Home Affairs hold video conference with all provinces that had done regional elections uncluding West Java, Wednesday (15/2), at 1:30 p.m. As for West Java, Department of Communication and Informatics of West Java Province had facilitated to hold video conference.

    Minister for Home Affairs led directly video conference and asked the development of simultaneous regional elections in its implementation, the obstacles, monitoring civil servants' neutrality towards regional election, and security condition about voting and counting.

    Assitant of Govenance and Citizens' Prosperity of Regional Secretary of West Java Province, Kusmayadie as the representative of Governor Ahmad Heryawan delivered his report to Minister for Home Affairs about the result of Regional Leaders Communication Forum (Forkompinda) of West Java's observation to the locations of polling station in Bekasi Regency, Cimahi City, and Tasikmalaya City.

    Based on the result of observation, as being explained by Kusmayadie, the implementation of simultaneous regional elections in West Java was in conducive situation. It happened because of participation of citizens in deciding the leader in democrative ways, Kusmayadie added.

    About civil servants neutrality in regional election, Kumsyadie judged that it was really good, especially in Tasikmalaya City that all of the civilian apparatus (ASN) including the executive of echelon stated their neutral declaration, since one of candidate was an incumbent.

    About voters participation in exercising their rights to vote, Kusmayadie reported that until now the participation of voters reached approximately 80%, and it was expected in the closing, it would reach higher number of participation.

    Based on the report from West Java, Ministry of Home Affairs stated their appreciation, while expecting that West Java anticipated the progress of situation ahead of simultaneous regional elections in 2018 that West Java would hold gubernatorial election.

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