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    Regional Secretary of Tasikmalaya is Optimistic Participation Reached Above 80%


    TASIKMALAYA - Regional Secretary of Tasikmalaya City Idi S Hidayat said citizens' enthusiasm to follow regional election (Pilkada) was quite high.

    "The previous regional election, the level of participation was about 81% but in this regional election, I am optimistic about the level of voters participation can reach 82% or more," he said on Wednesday (15/02).

    He said the clerks of polling stations still waited until the end of time of regional election which was 1:00 p.m. However, according to him, the clerks would do anything to raise the number of voters when it came 12:00 p.m, but there were still some people who did not vote yet.

    "We do anything to raise the number of voters. Just like what scout boys have done, they ushered an old mad to come to polling station," he explained.

    Tasikmalaya has 10 sub-districts and 69 administrative villages with three candidates that join simultaneous regional election. He expected Tasikmalaya became a successful region that held simultaneous regional election from 101 regions in Indonesia.

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