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    Governor, "Simultaneous Regional Elections in West Java are safe and sound"


    CIMAHI - Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan ensured that the implementation of simultaneous regional elections (Pilkada) in some cities and regencies in West Java were safe and sound.

    "In my last observation, thankfully regional elections in West Java that hold in three places which are in Cimahi City, Tasikmalaya City, and Bekasi Regency are safe and sound," he said.

    According to Governor, West Java citizens participation in those three places to come to polling stations (TPS) to exercise their rights to vote was considered good enough.

    "Until the daytime, the report from General Elections Commision (KPU) as the place that hold regional election is going well and citizens' enthusiasm to come is really good, it is more 75%. It is quite good, isn't it?" he said.
    Governor expected this safe and sound situation could last until the simultaneus regional election over.

    "We have to guard the implemetation of this regional election so that it can be safe and sound until it's over," Governor said to reporters while did survey of the implementation of regional election in polling station 4 and 5 in Pondok Mas Indah Residental, at Pondok Mas Raya Street, Several Community Group (RW) 1, Leuwigajah Administrative Village, South Cimahi Sub-district, Wednesday (15/02).

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