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    Tasikmalaya Citizens were Exicited Coming to Polling Stations


    TASIKMALAYA - Tasikmalaya City, in this day, Wednesday (15/2) holds simulationeous regional election which followed by three candidates.

    Since 7:00 a.m, polling stations that are scattered in some locations have been visited by Tasikmalaya citizens to exercise their rights to vote.

    Just like Budin (67) that came alone to polling station 1 in Cikalang Administrative Village of Tawang Sub-district. Although his age was not young anymore, he seemed excited to vote.

    When he was asked whom he chose? He only smiled. "As in principle of election in Indonesia, it is secret" he said who had forgotten how many times he voted whether for president, until a regional leader.

    He admitted that he knew that there were three candidates that had been chosen from broadcast on TV. Different from Budin, Emi (36) came around bit in the daytime at 11:00 a.m.

    "I know the information about regional election from neighbourhood head, and neighbours," she said.

    She confessed that she did not remember vission and mission from those three candidates who signed in regional election. However, she was confident with her choice.
    Regional election in Tasikmalaya is followed by first candidate is Dicky Candranegara - Denny Romdony, second candidate is Budi Budiman - Muhammad Yusuf, and third candidate is Dede Sudrajat - Asep Hidayat Surdjo.

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