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    Deddy Mizwar Planting The Tree in The Riverside of Citarum


    KAB. BANDUNG - Deddy Mizwar planting the tree in the riverside of Citarum in Cigebar Baleendah, Bandung District, Thursday (1/10).

    The tree plantation was held in Eco Village event that initiated by BPLHDs West Java. Before planting the tree, Deddy Mizwar did Awor Cai ritual, that is pouring clean water into Citarum River. The clean water taken from several springs that packaged in the bottle.

    “I am so appreciate this movement of “Gebrak Citarum” as a sign of public affection to their damage rivers like Citarum. Although, this is not a big step, but the most important is there is always an attempt to make Citarum better,” he said.

    This event was held in the eke-garbage dump, that was enlivened with the oration of Tisna Sanjaya who reveal about water philosophy, poetry reading, and others. 

    In that chance, he also planted “pucuk merah” tree together with head of BPLHD West Java, Anang Sudarna and vice regent of Bandung, Deden Rukman Rumaji.



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