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    Three Regions in West Java to be ready for Simultaneous Regional Elections (Pilkada) in 2017


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar ensured that all of the problems occurred ahead of the elections in three regional area of West Java have come to the solution.

    The arising problems, said Deddy, are for example happened in Bekasi Regency. "In this regency, there are 45.165 locals who have the voting rights, but they haven't got their e-KTP (electronic Residential Identity Card)," he explained during the Meetings of Committee I DPD RI and West Java Provincial Government with regard to the Simultaneous Regional Elections 2017 in West Java at Sanggabuana Room, Sate Building, Diponegoro Street, Bandung City, on Tuesday (02/14/2017).

    However, the local government through the Department of Demography and Civil Registry (Disdukcapil) has provided reference letters (suket) which have been handed over to the local General Commission Election (KPU).

    "For those who haven't got e-KTP, this problem can be solved by making a reference letter. Any violations are under the authority of Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu). The types of violations also need to be clarified. Regarding the security, it is the authority of the Police Force," Deddy said.

    Member of DPD RI Eni Sumarni said that ahead of the elections of mayor/regent in 2017 in West Java tomorrow, on Wednesday (02/15/2017), there has not been found any significant problem. Besides, there will be only three cities/regencies which consist of two cities and regency that will hold the Regional Election. They are Bekasi Regency, Cimahi City, and Tasikmalaya City.

    In detail, Bekasi Regency has 3.958 polling stations (TPS) with 1.974.831 voters consisted of 49.088 young voters and 2.235 voters with disability. Cimahi City has 980 TPS with 375.722 voters consisted of 11.663 young voters and 894 voters with disability. Tasikmalaya City has 1.120 TPS with 474.061 voters consisted of 15.972 young voters and 783 voters with disability.

    "In brief, from the overall discussion about the Final Voter List (DPT), Alhamdulillah, it has been solved, like for example in Cimahi City. There are Disdukcapil Posts," she said.

    "So, 2017 is like a milestone. Later on, it will be the matter of evaluation both from the perspective of regulation and the mechanism of implementation. Every stage of these elections will be a model for the next elections up to the biggest event of Presidential Elections," Eni added.

    Head of Demography and Civil Registry Department of West Java Abas Basari said that from 45.165 citizens who have not got e-KTP, there are 20.027 people who have not recorded it. Meanwhile, the rests have recorded e-KTP but the making process is not finished yet.

    Meanwhile, in Cimahi City, it is recorded that there are 2.020 citizens who have not got e-KTP. To solve the problem, the local Disdukcapil opens a services post for the citizens who have not made a reference letter (suket).

    "For Tasikmalaya City, there are only 700s citizens who haven't got e-KTP, but the problem has been 'clear'," he said.

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