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    Deddy Urges Students to Have Entrepreneurship Paradigm


    BANDUNG - Preparing for demographic bonus in Indonesia in 2020-2030, Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar urges students in West Java to have paradigm of entrepreneurship.

    "Quite often, our parents have to pay the school tuitions and fees which cost so much that will continue until we go to college. It is hoped that we can get job and go to work quickly. This mindset needs to be changed," said Deddy Mizwar during the Gihifari Festival and the Commemoration of Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (Maulid Nabi) at the Campus of SMAN 4 Bandung, Gardujati Street No. 20 Bandung, on Tuesday (02/14/2017).

    "But actually what we have to understand now is about how to create job opportunities, and education is a source to create quality human resources," he continued.

    Deddy further explained that in the period of the demographic bonus later on, the number of Indonesian population at a productive age will reach 70%. Thus, the number of labor force will also be high.

    Therefore, in order to create quality employment, Deddy said that the young generations should be the ones to create job. Then, through the business they start, it is expected to benefit manpower.

    "Being an entrepreneur is actually the best choice to create job opportunities," he said.

    In Indonesia, the number of unemployed people remains high. That is because the paradigm held by the graduates is usually to get jobs and not to create jobs. Therefore, the paradigm of entrepreneurship needs to be emphasized in order that the productive age of the youth as the next generation of this country can be explored as well as possible.

    The Provincial Government of West Java urges the establishment of the paradigm through the program of A Hundred Thousands New Entrepreneurs which always attempts to gradually realize the citizens' welfare by the Training and Investment Program of New Business.

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