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    Simultaneous Regional Elections, ASN to be Biased Will Receive a Heavy Sanction


    BANDUNG - According to the Governmental Regulation Law No. 53, 2010 concerning Civil Servants Disciplin, the Apparatus State Civils (ASN) must be neutral during the Simultaneous Regional Elctions (Pilkada) in 101 regions which specifically takes place in 7 provinces, 76 regencies, and 18 cities, on Wednesday (2/15/2017).

    Spokesperson of Ministry of the Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Herman Suryatman urged all of the ASN not to break the regulation, when being interviewed in Bandung, Tuesday (2/14). It is because the Ministry of PANRB will give numbers of heavy sanctions to the rule breaker.

    "ASN must be neutral. They are allowed neither to benefit nor disadvantage the candidates," he said.

    Herman further added that if there is an ASN who breaks the regulation, the ministry itself will not doubt to give various levels of sanctions.

    "If it is proven that the ASN is not neutral, then there will be disciplinary sanctions from the light to the heavy ones, there will even be dismissal for any official who disobeys the rule," he emphasized. (MAT)

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