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    Vice Governor Wants West Java Banking to Educate the Public about Shariah Finance


    BANDUNG - Shariah financial inclusion of West Java Province in 2016 has reached 21,56% or the third highest in Indonesia, following Aceh and North Maluku, as for Shariah financial literacy index in West Java reached 7,79%.

    "I hope all businessmen in financial sector of shariah give a fair and transparent education to all people," said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy during the inauguration of a Branch Office of Mega Syariah Bank in Bandung on Monday (2/13/2016).

    "The education involves product characteristics, financial services, which are available, on the features, functions, and to achieve their rights and do their responsibilities, as well as the possible charge or fine," he continued.

    The result of Financial Literacy National Survey (SNLK) conducted by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2013, explains that the level of public financial inclusion in Indonesia still reaches 59, 74%, and 57, 28%. The use of product and/or financial services is still dominated by the users of banking sector product.

    It shows that the variety of the financial product usage among the Indonesian people has not been well distributed in each sector of financial services. Besides, based on the same survey, the percentage of people in "well literature" group is only 21, 84%. Thus, it can be said that the majority of people tends to have not understood well about the financial concept and not have ability to make financial decision.

    Therefore, Deddy invites the businessmen in shariah financial services sector to create financial products and services which are innovative, attractive, easy to access, and affordable, most importantly for the students, women, low-incomed employees, small-sized enterprises, and also farmers and fishermen in the villages and in the coastal areal, so that the inclusion index and shariah financial literacy index in West Java can be rapidly increased.

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