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    RZ and 'Kitabisa' Launching Water Well in Bogor


    BANDUNG-Rumah Zakat (RZ) and Kitabisa.com inaugurated a water well in Sinarsari village, Dramaga sub-district of Bogor. The clean water provision and wells drilling were built, because in the area, not all residents have wells due to its geographical location. Thus when residents need water, then had to go down to local fountain in the river walking through dangerous road, so it can only be accessed in the morning and afternoon. The inauguration was attended by the Village Head Sinarsari, Head of Dramaga district,  A Member of  Bogor Parliament and the representatives of Central RZ.

    "Alhamdulillah, with the help from RZ through kitabisa.com, the budget for this construction of water supply can be collected. The construction of this water supply began from December 2016 to January 2017, "said Sukarman, A Volunteer of RZ Inspiration in Bogor, on Monday (13/2).

    Although previouslu, the construction of this water supply is constrained by land location, but with the help and cooperation from local citizens and officials of Clean Water PNPM in some areas of Bogor, the land for these water supply systems was taken from a land donated by one of the residents.

    As reported by RZ, the construction of this water supply included two bathrooms, one toilet, and one room for ablution. Besides that, a well was drilled into spring water as deep as 28 meters. This public facility can be used by 50 families (KK), or about 200 people there. The cost of future maintenance of this public facility will come from donations by the local people who use the Well.

    "I thank you for the help. This clean water is certainly very beneficial for the locals. Alhamdulillah now our residents no longer need to fetch water all the way to the river, "said Latif, head of Sinarsari village. (Even)


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