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    West Java still Exists as A Magnet for Motor Sales


    BANDUNG-PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in West Java  has recorded that the sale of motorcycles throughout 2016 is quite high.

    "We are grateful that we have successfully managed to increase our market share 4% better than the previous year, from 72.9% to 76.9% in December 2016," said Gunawan Lerri, General Manager of Sales, Marketing & Logistics of AHM, on Monday (13/2) ,

    He added that the number of sales have reached 807 988 units in which the sales was dominated by matic variants. Similarly, it happened in West Java.

    He said during 2016, the highest sales contribution was matic variants that were sold out as many as 86% or 696 799 units. The second highest one was sport motor as many as 9% or 72 061 units sold out.

    "Meanwhile cub or duck motors were sold as many as 5% or 39 128 units," said Lerri.

    This year, they target 878.5 thousand units to be sold. In addition to sales volume, he added, they also plan to increase the market share to 80%. jo


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