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    Regional Secretary of West Java Will handle Cases of Extortion


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa appreciated the team that handle cases of extortion in West Java that has successfully arrested people over extortion that involved Principal and Vice Principal of SMPN 2 Cililin, in West Bandung regency.

    SR who (Principal of SMPN 2 Cililin) allegedly collected funds of  Indonesian Smart Program (PIP) in 2015 that valued IDR 27.5 million accompanied by DS and SM (Vice Principal of SMPN 2 Cililin), were arrested on Saturday (02/11/2017).

    "I'd like to appreciate the work of the team that successfully uncovered the case, but on the other hand I am also worried that there could be more extortions, although all officers were informed not to do that," said Iwa, on Monday (13/2) in Bandung.

    Concerning the case and several other cases over extortion, Iwa urged all state employees to carry out their duties selflessly.

    "All personnel and residents related to public services must stop any kind of extortion," he said.

    He also asked all people not to hesitate to report if they find any illegal charges of extortion to the team so that they can take arrest the officials. (Even)


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