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    This Year Provincial Government of West Java Targets 600 Bridge Constructions


    GARUT-Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) informed that this year the provincial government of West Java is going to construct 600 bridges or "rawayan" in every region.

    "We hope that as many as 500-600 bridges will be constructed in 2017," said Aher after controlling a bridge construction in Pasirlangu village in Pakenjeng Sub-district of Garut Regency on Sunday (12/2/2017).

    He had selected 600 area where the bridges will be constructed as well as renovate several bridges. The budget for the construction has been prepared from APBD of West Java in 2017, as much as IDR 25 billion.

    "If that's not enough, we will add more in the next budget planning" he said.

    The provincial government of West Java will involve related departments; experts from ITB, as well as from Pusjatan, in the process of contractions, in order to evaluate the bridges, thus the construction will be technically and morally accepted.

    In addition, volunteers or Governmental Organization (LSM) will also help to find  locations for the construction of the bridges. One of them is Pakenjeng Bridge that was built by volunteers from Vertical Rescue of Indonesia.

    "They also have 'a thousand bridges' program, so their idea meets with our program, we will work together with them," said Aher.

    The construction of the bridge is estimated to cost IDR 50 million with a 50 meter long bridge. The bridges are mainly constructed in villages so that in the future they are expected to give more access for the locals to improve their economy.

    The construction of these 600 bridges will be able to improve the Human Development Index (HDI), said Aher.

    "Most importantly, I don't wanna see any child who wants to go school has to cross any more collapsed bridges," he said.

    Once this plan is actualized, the provincial government will inform the plan at the end of 2017.

    "We will declare the construction of 600 bridges at the end of the year because this will be our great achievement," he said


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