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    After Leave, Governor Requests Mayor of Tasik Malaya Back to Serve the People


    Bandung-Tasik Malaya Mayor Budi Budiman who has exhausted the period of leave campaign will again become active mayor from tomorrow Sunday (02.12.17).

    The handover brief report of task implementation memorandum of temporary mayor Abas Basari to Tasik Malaya Definitive Mayor Budi Budiman do in Manglayang Room of Gedung Sate Bandung, before West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), on Saturday (02.11.17).

    "Today is the last day of the campaign period so temporary Mayor of Tasik Malaya end the duties and tasks reverted back to Definitive Mayor," the governor Aher said after the report handover.

    Aher hopes, Tasik Malaya Mayor Budi Budiman immediately run the government and serve the community until his term expires.

    "Thanks to the former Acting. Mayor Abas Basari and safely charge back to Budi Budiman to continue working until the period is over," said Aher.

    In West Java, the three regions will be put through elections simultaneously dated February 15, 2017, the city of Tasikmalaya, Cimahi and Bekasi Regency. Aher then appealed to the public, in this quiet period to maintain conduciveness, harmony and peace that is maintained well throughout West Java.

    "Do not make any noise so that people in this quiet time to think clearly because they would have heard the work programs and vision for all candidates," he said.

    His side wants to be on the voting day later date February 15, 2016 is set to be a national holiday, people flocked to each polling stations (TPS) without anyone in Abstentions.

    "Please come in droves to the polling station and decide each candidate according to self conscience," pleaded Aher.

    Meanwhile, Tasik Malaya Mayor Budi Budiman said, during his leave of three months since re-elected to be the mayor, the situation during the campaign in the city of Tasik Malaya was safe and peaceful.

    "Tasik Malaya is including in third rank of 101 city/ regency in Indonesia who carry out the elections, the situation is arguably the safest," said Budi.

    He along with the entire community is committed to continue to keep conduciveness until the Election Day ends. Budi explains, society participation rate of Tasik Malaya in participating in the elections, as well as the Presidential Election or Legislative Election in figure 81 percent. He is optimistic, in the elections 2017 the figure will rise to 90 percent more.

    "We are targeting more than that yes," added Budi.

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