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    Ceu Popong, Moden Dewi Sartika of West Java


    JAKARTA-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan has a special impression when first met and given lunge of Dr. (HC) Popong Otje Djunjunan (Ceu Popong) since 2008 in West Java. For Netty, Ceu Popong is exemplary figure, mother figure and role model that makes not just any woman.
    "I see this Ceu Popong, if I may say she is my idol. Why? Her success at home to become a mother for the children and families but also able to be a fighter in the public space, "Netty said after attending the awarding of the Muri record for Category: Members of the House With Highest Award to Dr. (HC) Popong Otje Djunjunan.
    Ceu Popong receives 506 awards in the form of certificates, plaques and awards since 1957 until now. He is a politician of Indonesian woman who has been a member of Parliament since 1987 from West Java.
    Thus, continued Netty, Ceu Popong does deserve appreciation from various parties or organizations even Muri record. Because Ceu Popong is a female figure that is able to articulate some needs and interests that are indeed the rights of women and children in particular. So it can be said that Ceu Popong is Modern Dewi Sartika in West Java.
    Unrelenting Netty expressed appreciation and pride to Ceu Popong who showed his class as a female politician, in the welfare of society regardless of party and other background.
    Told Netty when Ceu Popong has been pushed in the nomination of the Chairman of West Java BKOW. Though known to Netty, Ceu Popong has political parties as "home" and of course have her own preference but objectively she saw Netty has the capacity. "So this is what we need in figure of Diversity of the Republic of Indonesia, people who understand the essence of Diversity in adult and mature look any difference," said Netty.
    "Hopefully figure Ceu Popong inspires all politicians, especially women politicians, so the woman is not just there but the woman was able to fight for every need of the people they represent," please Netty.
    On the same occasion, Ceu Popong also recounts the first time when met Netty Heryawan as the wife of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. She said Netty is a figure that she liked because to many ask, hear and observe.
    The first question that disclosed Netty to Ceu Popong, "Ceu I want to know how the female characters in West Java? In the north? In Priangan? In the west? "She quoted.
    "There is never such a question like that to Ceu Popong, only she did. Then it is a funny, if a greeting in Sundanese she ask first to me. Well it already showed that she tried to be a good First Lady regardless of age, "joked Ceu Popong.
     "I speak the truth because I love her. Because she want to ask, for what? So that she was right to take steps, "he continued.
    Chairman of the Indonesian Museum Record (Muri) Jaya Suprana said that usually Muri gives honor to those who receive the gift. Unlike today, precisely reversed Muri is honored to allow in giving awards to Ceu Popong. Ceu Popong is a public figure who is not only a member of one political party. Make Ceu Popong as an example and this award should be a motivation for other Parliament members to be better.

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