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    Campaigning Cultural Literacy, Netty Visits Tasik Malaya


    Tasikmalaya-Since the transfer in management city/ regency school / vocational school to the West Java province, West Java Mother Literacy, Netty Heryawan, intenses to urge School Literacy Movement (GLS) and socialization of West Java Rejects Violence on Children in schools of West Java.

    This time Netty visits 1 State Hifh Scholl Tasik Malaya who is accompanied by the Head of Education Department of West Java Province Ahmad Hadadi. While interacting with other students, Netty asked what they liked in school but the answer is quite sad that their empty hours, teacher meetings, no repetition and no homeworks.

    "How do you become the leader of the nation? If you are thinking to go forward to a successful but empty hours continuously, teachers meeting and go home quickly," joked Netty in front of students and teachers of 1 State High School Tasik Malaya, on Thursday (02.09.17).

    Netty said it turns out this is the situation described by Pisani from test results of PIAAC (Programme For The International Assessment of Adult Competencies) about a person's ability to solve problems in one big city. Indonesia can be summed to get a score of less than level 1 in terms of literacy skills, meaning that we are a country with a ratio of adults capable of the worst reading in 2016 from 34 OECD countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and development).

    So it can be said, said Netty, there is a danger signal on civilization as we do not like to read that finally crushed the era.

    Netty also explains the use of mobile phones. "The number of mobile phones in Indonesia exceeded the population of 250 million inhabitants, ie 281.4 million mobile phones," said Netty.

    Through the phone a lot to see that everything is not necessarily good and useful. "Because the media makes everything becomes absurd, which is so wrong, so wrong guidance," she added.

    Therefore, Netty asserts School Literacy Movement can increase interest in reading among students in West Java. Through reading the young generation is capable for media literacy, literacy problems, and literacy conditions so as not to fall asleep by age.

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