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    National Press Day 2017: Affirming Role of the Press Against Hoax


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said no progress without the mass media. Journalists and their media can do massively many things with one news.

    "Let us present to press more firmly, which comes with the media fact. Because if the facts are presented to do the journalism process properly like cover both sides, so that the news is balanced and helpful," he said, commenting on NPD 2017, which was centered in the city of Ambon, Maluku Province Thursday (9/2).

    Aher then underlines the attention of the central government towards Hoax which is suspected in triggering disintegration. "In line with the direction from the center, the mass media task is increasingly heavy in guarding the course of life of the nation because the media is expected to help provide information and education to the public for the information that is valid especially against this hoax," said Aher in Bandung, Thursday (7/2 / 17).

    Thus, added Aher, the provincial government of West Java presents to encourage the press to provide information that is accurate, balanced, and become the frontline guard in building and unifying the nation.

    Earlier, the Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung in the Office of the Secretary of the Cabinet, the State Palace Complex, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (01/31/17) said that in particular, invites members of the press at NPD later to talk about the hoax. The Government, said Cabinet Secretary, is very concerned with this issue. His party hoped NPD 2017 discuss specifically about the hoax. Moreover, President Jokowi in the main event of NPD will also mention a hoax.

    The government plans to establish a national cyber agencies which are directly coordinated by the president to address hoaxes information, false news, and the problem of cyber world. It is composed of several branches, such as cyber defense at the Ministry of Defence, cyber intelligence which is owned by BIN and cyber security under the Police.

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