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    Government Asked to Lift up THLPP Become PNS


    BANDUNG - Member of Commission IV of the House of Representatives Hermanto urged the government to immediately realise the commitment to raise thousands of Agricultural Instructor Daily Labor (THLPP) in order to become a civil servant (PNS).

    "If a commitment has been given by the previous Government. So that today’s Government have to realise immediately," Herman said in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Monday (30/11).

    As is known, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) and the Ministry of Agriculture plans to lift up THLPP as civil servant in 2016. On that basis, Herman asked the Ministry of PAN-RB to provide institutional support.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture must first create the design of personnel agricultural instructor needed to be recruited into a government employee.

    "Government reasoned regulation is not yet complete, particularly because there is no legal umbrella, then that commitment continues to be delayed," said Legislator of PKS of the electoral district of West Sumatra I.

    The government has promised to Parliament to complete the legal framework in July 2015. However, then ask for an additional period of 3 months. "The legal framework should now be completed and there is no reason to delay the appointment,” said Herman.

    Herman urged the government to do this because the appointment is part of the nation's attention as well as state’s awards to those who have been actively involved in efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency.

    "When I visited and met groups of farmers in the recess, the THLPP were in the midst of them. Even in the off hours or on holidays though," he said.

    Furthermore, Herman hoped this appointment not only for agricultural sector, but also for Fisheries, Marine, and Forestry sectors.

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