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    Netty: Do Not Be Dead Rat in Granary, Let's Plant Food!


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Currently Chili becomes a hot debate because the price reached Rp 150 thousand per kilogram. Surely this spicy prices make people including small traders confuse. However, according to West Java Province Chairman of the PKK Netty Heryawan, the crisis is not just chili, but also food. Even the problem of food availability is a threat all over the world.

    Actually said Netty, anticipated of increases in food prices is very simple, namely to maximize the utilization of the yard. Community invited to plant vegetables and fruits in their yard together, both with the method of planting in pots, vertikultur (terraced planting method) and hydroponics. If they are designed, organized and managed well in addition to meet the needs of family food and nutrition, it is also likely to increase household income.

    Netty also revealed, in addition to the minimum food availability to meet the needs of the family, there are three other things as indicators of food security: access, either direct access or economic access (to get food by buying it), use of foodstuffs into meet nutritional value, as well as stability.

    Netty explained that in the event of Planting Movement Launching (GERTAM) Chili and Other Vegetables at Yard in West Java and Acceptance Chili Plant in the polybag in West Java BPTP Office, Kayuambon Street No. 80 Lembang Regency. Bandung, Wednesday (08/02/2017).

    According to Netty, chili and vegetables in Gertam program is important to be followed by the public, because in addition to save household expenses and ensure nutritional adequacy family, can also reduce the food crisis in the country's famous fertile.

    "Our country is a fertile land, but the value of food imports reached USD 6.16 billion, instead of rupiah," Netty said in her speech.

    "Why do not grow ourselves, at least for the needs of the family. After all, our country is fertile. Do not become a dead rat in the granary", he continued.

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