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    Nambo TPPAS (Final Disposal and Waste Processing) is Blocked by Land Compesation


    BANDUNG-Operational plan of Final Disposal and Waste Processing (TPPAS) Nambo Bogor Regional is still awaiting completion of land and administration.

    West Java  Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said there are two things that make Nambo operationalization plan is delayed. First, about the unfinished process of granting compensation money to 15 farmers Perhutani land sharecropper. "We have asked the Department of Environment and Perhutani finish this in the field," he said in Bandung, Wednesday (8/2).

    According to 15 farmers are actually not entitled to compensation for wearing Perhutani land. But on the field, the demands of farmers to land acquisition problems that will be used to Nambo are adrift. "Money is a kind of Jatigede substitute, initially from 15 it was already 12 people agree, but when it is paid, all of them refused," he said.

    His side gave a deadline to the Perhutani that this problem will be completed in February. To further his side desalination land for allotment Nambo. Iwa claimed this is protracted problem because it should have been completed since 2015 ago. "So there are obstacles, but this development will solve the waste problem that has been complicated in Bogor Raya," he said.

    As for determining the winner of the investment auction is pending, Iwa admitted it will be decided by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. His side did not meddle in the affairs of the winning bidder as it only gets tasks related to land acquisition. "The issue of investment tenders is the authority of the governor," he said.

    West Java Head of Environmental Office Anang Sudarna admitted that he has been entrusted indemnity amounting to Rp 800 million in Perhutani. According to this problem hampered because three citizens affects 12 tenants to refuse the money. (Even)

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