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    West Java DWP Holds Charity For Indramayu Flood Victims


    INDRAMAYU-West Java Province Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) holds charity for the flood victims in the village of Tulungagung subdistrict Kertasmaya Indramayu regency, Tuesday (2/7). Charity is a concern of the civil servants wives in West Java province and Indramayu regency.

    Chaired by Mrs. Eli Iwa Karniwa, charity is marked by the delivery of assistance ranging from daily necessities, such as food, instant noodles, ready meals, until the cash to residents whose homes were flooded some time ago due to the overflow of Cimanuk river.

    Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah as released by the Department of Communication and Information Indramayu regency explained, charity is a concern of West Java DWP Indramayu to citizens who have been affected by flooding. It is expected that citizens residing in the watershed of Cimanuk must remain vigilant because until now there is still rain in Cimanuk upstream.

    Chairman of West Java Province DWP, Mrs. Eli Iwa Karniwa says, charity is the result of personal collecting of the board and members of West Java Province DWP to help the residents of Indramayu.

    "Although assistance is not much, we hope it can be useful and can lighten the load. Although today activity of citizens is back to normal, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Secretary of West Java province, Iwa Karniwa said Cimanuk river downstream is included in the district of Indramayu must immediately be normalized as soon as possible because it has undergone sedimentation or silting that disrupts the rate of water in case the tide.

    "In addition to sedimentation that also should receive serious attention is the number of critical levee. We immediately coordinate and take joint action with BBWS, "said Iwa. DENI SANJAYA / Communications and Informatics Office Indramayu Regency

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