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    Aher Feels Proud On BJB Improved Performance in 2016


    Kotabatu-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) feels proud of achievements in BJB successful performance in 2016. Aher is proud of assets growth, loans and BJB profit that are above the average of national banks.

    Aher said at an event of Business Review Q4 2016 BJB Bank. The event was held from 7-8 February 2017 at the Convention Hall The Singhasari Resort, Ir. Soekarno Street No. 120, Kota Batu, East Java Province.

    "I am proud of the success of BJB Bank. I see the development of BJB from the beginning until today, probably during last five or the four years BJB Bank's progress is the most advanced than ever before," said Aher in his speech.

    "From the side of the unaudited profit of Rp 2.1 trillion, that's the most we've ever recorded. In other indicator was above the national was the first time we have noted over the years. So it is natural that we then start to be seen by others," he added ,

    With this achievement, Aher calls the regional development bank of West Java and Banten is best compared to other regional banks in Indonesia. For that, it is very natural that BJB become one of the best performing banks nationwide.

    "If the local bank all due respect to the Bank BJB, because among regional banks is the bank sengada lawan (no opponent). Hence, his opponent is a national bank," said Aher.

    On this occasion, in order to achieve success in 2017 with the spirit "Gasspoll Reaches Target 2017", Aher notices to Director of BJB Bank Ahmad Irfan and the board of directors, board of commissioners, the Head of Regional Office, the Branch Chief, and the Head of Division were present in order continue to improve their professionalism to further advance the BJB. Said Aher, honesty and togetherness are the key to achieve this goal.

    "But a success is the success of the planned since planning to control process in the end and managed together starting from the highest officials in the banking sector to the lowest, which were all there in the umbrella togetherness, that will be the collateral benefit together," said Aher.

    In a sort of banking management, said Aher, takes an action or early detection. It is necessary to anticipate a weakening sense of togetherness and not loyal employee to the company.

    "Therefore, if among us who have a low spirit of togetherness or even the spirit of treachery then have to be addressed, there is early detection for early action immediately," said Aher.

    While they do that, in order to realize the target, the CEO of BJB bank Ahmad Irfan invites the directors, commissioners and employees to improve performance in 2017's. It is essential in the middle of national banking competitor and banking competitive today, where Bank Indonesia's own national economic growth projected at Level 5 - 5.4% and credit growth in the numbers 10-12%.

    "And for that, we appeal to all ranks and elements in BJB Bank eager to continue providing the best performance for this company," Irfan spoke in front of hundreds of participants Business Review BJB Bank.

    To that end, according to Irfan issues such as infrastructure, human resource competencies, and capacity planning must be overcome as soon as possible. So it is no longer a reason for not achieving the target in 2017.

    Further Irfan banking business requires a sustainable business. To that end, the execution to the realization of the target must be done, so it is no longer simply a discourse.

    "BJB Bank needs a sustainable business and BJB requires an executor, the execution could realize the target not discourse but the execution. BJB requires only winners can compete in a healthy and consistent," said Irfan.

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