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    Education Based on Boarding School, Deddy: Complete Package.


    PURWAKARTA-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, attended Tabligh Akbar and once inauguration of SMK Al-Quran Muhajirin, which is a series of 24 Anniversary of Al-Quran Muhajirin boarding school.

    At the event, Vice Governor expressed his appreciation for the Big Family of Al-Quran Muhajirin Boarding School on the accomplishments that its achieved.

    Related to education based on boarding school, Deddy looks at the era of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) at this time, a skilled workforce is not enough to compete in the workforce. Because according to him, a good skill needs to be accompanied with 'attitude', or behavior that is also good. So both are factors that can not be separated.

    Especially today, when associated with the global situation, the competition is getting higher on human resource and not just from within the country, but also from abroad.

    "People who are skilled, but not noble would be trouble. Vice versa, people who have a certain without the accompaniment of qualified skills will also get into trouble," said Deddy Mizwar, in the area of Al-Muhajirin Campus 3 Boarding School, Purwakarta-Bandung Street Citapen, Sukajaya Village, subdistrict of Sukatani Purwakarta, Tuesday (2/7).

    "So it must be master of Science and Technology (Science and Technology), also Iman and Taqwa (IMTAQ) at once," he continued.

    So on this point Deddy welcomes and supports the presence of Vocational School based on boarding school as a 'complete package', namely the educational institutions that can birth a resource that has the skills as well has akhlakul Karimah (good attitude).

    "I am very optimistic, forward the alumni of vocational school based on boarding school can 'survive' from the competition in the world of work," he said.

    Foremost he said, any graduates who have completed their education, need to change their 'mindset' in order when the pass is not oriented, or immediately think to be an employee. But it would be better if a graduate has the determination to become entrepreneurs.

    "The richest man in the world there are no servants, they were entrepreneurs," said Deddy.

    "From the 10 doors of fortune, God gave nine doors for entrepreneurs, and the door to the clerks, want to scramble at the time that one?" he added.

    Also present at the event Head of Service and the Social Development Secretariat of West Java Province, Dady Iskandar, Head of BKPP Area II Purwakarta, Toto Muhammad Toha, Secretary of Purwakarta Regency, Padhil Karsoma, Board of NU Center, Abdul Manan, head of Al-Quran Muhajirin boarding school KH. Abdul Bunyamin, chairman of the Foundation of Al-Quran Muhajirin, Ifa Faizah Rohman, and other invited guests.

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