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    Cibarusah Crescentia Cujete Crafts Attracts Netty Interests


    BEKASI REGENCY-Who says that the fruit can not be consumed mean it has no benefit at all ?. In Bekasi regency there are a variety of handicrafts made from crescentia cujete fruit. Uniquely this craft to attract the Chairman of the National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) West Java Province Netty Heryawan, to make a visit to the Central Crafts of Crescentia Cujete in TNI Police Housing Cibarusah Jaya Block C2 No. 19 Cibarusah Bekasi Regency, Monday (06/02/2017).

    Crescentia cujete fruit or also known maja fruit is green, like Balinese guava and had a fairly thick smell, but can not be consumed because it tastes bitter. Tropical Plant origin Central America and South America is wild life in community gardens as a land barrier. Usually people take advantage of the crescentia cujete fruit as pest control and cattle feed ingredients medicine. In addition, crescentia cujete fruits are abundant enough wasted.

    Is Dadi Suryadi, who managed to juggle fruit latin name Crescentia Cuteje to craft into art value in the form of a jar, key chains, ornaments, and even bags. Dadi explained, before it is processed into handicrafts, crescentia cujete fruit must first be dried by drying for approximately her week. After drying, the content fruit of crescentia cujete that such fibers be released until empty, then mashed and do painting with diverse motives.

    "It has been tested by fire and dried in the oven, but the result was ugly. It should always be dried by the sun," said Dadi.

    "That made to be craft is ripe fruit, if young being fed drugs for cattle. The contents of the dried fruit can also be used as organic fertilizer, don't be wasted," he continued.

    Seeing this creative uniqueness, Netty revealed that the need for special training so that the potential of this craft can develop. The guidance includes the selection of quality raw materials, market interest surveys, dissemination of marketing to help capital. For that Netty directs the Department of Industry and Trade Bekasi Regency in order to coordinate with the provinces to help build this crescentia cujete fruit handicraft production.

    "There needs coaching to develop this craft. Usually our local products less competitive due to hit quality problems, it is one that must be addressed," said Netty.

    "If it is productive, craft centers could have an impact on the workforce as well. The women here can be employed, than being maids," she continued.

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