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    Ahmad Heryawan is Assessing Simultaneous Elections Still Conducive


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan assesses the implementation of the Regional Head Election (Election) simultaneously in three regions covering Cimahi, Tasik Malaya and Bekasi Regency is still conducive.

    "Safe, good and no problems and control. Inshallah in time will run smoothly," he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (02/05/2017)

    According to him, if there is a problem, it usually happens when the implementation of its regional head election that is the damage ballots.

    "Yes, of course, the damage ballots are ussual aren't they, it was routine on elections as soon as possible it could be anticipated so that in time there is no any problems and at the time of voting there is not a problem, it is an important right," he said.

    Heryawan underscores the problems of ballots is not a big issue. Because he believes it can be anticipated early on before the Election Day 2017 was held on D-Day.

    "Instead we should from now arranging existing problems to be resolved soon. Not to appear on D-day," he added.

    Therefore, Heryawan urges the implementation of simultaneous elections later that the community continues to maintain order, security and peace. He also reminded the public to play an active role in extending the right to vote according to what they want.

    "I appealed to the community in order to maintain order, security and peace. It is more important that people should use their right to vote in choosing a leader," he said.

    The governor hoped community participation in the simultaneous elections later is high to prove the best future leaders of their choice that will bring the future of the area into a better direction.

    "We want that public participation is high, it is to prove that we are all concerned with the future leaders of each of us. Because they will bring the region into a better direction," he concluded. (MAT)

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