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    Renewable Energy Electricity Selling Price is Under the Economies


    BANDUNG-renewable energy becomes one of the core business of PT Len. A number of sites have been prepared to build PLTS.

    However, the development of renewable energy is including solar energy or solar still constrained selling prices that were significantly cheaper than the cost of production.

    "The selling price is 85% of the production price. This makes the development of renewable energy while look around, "said President Director of PT Len Zaky Gamal, Friday (10/02).

    According to him, PT Len was excited to build PLTS just after ESDM ministry decision number 12 on the benchmark price of EBT (Renewable Energy) that spirit is a little slack.

    "We also look first, because, builds and sells renewable energy should also be profitable for the company. But if the selling price of 85% of the economics, of course we think again, "he said.

    He said the potential of renewable energy in Indonesia is very large as well as in the West Java region. Jo

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