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    Electricity Tariff Calculation Changed


    BANDUNG - Tariff adjustment of electricity in December 2015 has been set. According to the Minister Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) No. 31/2014, as amended by ESDM No. 09/2015, the tariff adjustment applied every month, it’s adjust the changes in currency exchange rates, oil prices and monthly inflation

    Based on the release of PLN Distribution of West Java and Banten, the tariff adjustment mechanism, electricity tariff every month then it is possible to go down, fixed or increased based on three indicators. Tariff adjustment applicable to classes of customers that are not subsidised, namely household power 1,300 Volt Ampere (VA) and above, the business is the power of 6600 VA upwards, large industrial power 200,000 VA upwards, government offices power of 6,600 VA upward, lighting public road (PJU) and special services.

    In December 2015 the general electricity rates for customers who are not subsidised decreased compared to the previous month.

    Starting in December 2015, PLN customer class household power 1.300 VA and 2,200 VA imposed tariff adjustment mechanism. This follows the adoption of tariff adjustment to the 10 other fare classes that have been in effect since January 1st 2015.

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