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    400 e-Shop Operates in West Java


    BANDUNG-To suppress the price and meet the people basic needs of about 400 e-Shop is already operating in West Java.

    West Java Deputy Head of Bulog, Suharto Jabar said although had little constrain in operation especially in rural areas. But his side is ready to operate e-Shop.

    "In West Java e-Shop is already 400 despite not running optimally, principally we are ready," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (10/02/2017).

    The difference e-Shop with the Our Food House (RPK), he said, lies in the payment process. E-Shop is using electronic transactions while RPK people can make payments in cash.

    "If RPK, its program that is intended for food activities, while the e-Shop is for online payment," he said.

    Additionally, said by Suharto, e-SHop itself requires Internet access. While this facility is still minimal in rural areas.

    "Few obstacles because it requires internet access to rural areas so that the operation of the e-Shop is not maximized due to limited Internet access. Not all villages have that device," he concluded. (MAT)

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