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    80 Percent of Cataract Disease Can Be Cured


    BANDUNG-Approximately 80 percent of cataract eye disease can be cured even still suffering in young age and productive age.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the Provincial Government of West Java gives special attention to people with cataracts. In addition to dealing with the healing process of productive age, was also given treatment for the elderly.

    "God willing Mr Head of Department during this has moved to record and treat cataract patients," he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (05/02/2017)

    The man who is familiarly called Aher describes in general post cataract treatment, patients wear glasses. His side also will facilitate the purchase of glasses using the E-catalog system.

    "We also facilitate the cataract patients with the purchase of glasses through E-catalog," he said.

    Eye glass facility is planned to cooperate with the business world in the form of CSR.

    "We want to make the handling treatment of eye diseases as much as possible, especially for children and productive age because they are our future," he said.

    In addition, continued Aher, in the process of treatment, cataract patients can use BPJS program and can be handled by a grant from the Department of Health.

    "Poor people are able to use BPJS or grants from the Department of Health for the treatment of the eye," he concluded. (MAT)

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