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    Aher: Sunda Must Be A Mediator


    BANDUNG-In the political situation and the threat of intolerance rather heated caused the situation of DKI election that is happening today, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan familiarly called Kang Aher asked that the Sundanese as the second largest ethnic in Indonesia, do not be swept away by intolerance or political climate that is heats up,

    "We just have to be able to mediate even conditioning in the midst of this bleak. I believe in their character, Sundanese people can do that, and do not fall for it. Balageur urang Sunda mah" (Sundanese people is kind) said Aher, after opening the Pasundan Society Working Meeting 2017 in Bandung, Saturday afternoon (4/2).

    Aher mentions as evidence of the Sundanese balageur (kind) is the acceptance of the Sundanese in any overseas either as migrants or  individuals migrant.

    "The governors in the migration areas often told me, that the arrival of the Sundanese people matter how much they did not mind because the Sundanese in the migration does not cause any problems, even less actually helped the progress of region," it said.

    On that occasion, Ahmad Heryawan also requested that the Pasundan Society become container of Sundanese people Printer that are qualified to get a role at the National scene. The opening of the Pasundan Society Working Meeting besides attended and opened by Governor of West Java, was also attended by the elders of the Pasundan Society including Ahmad Shafi and Gina Kartasasmita. (Even)

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