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    Awareness for Blood Donors is Increased


    BANDUNG-Head of Blood Procurement Bandung Indonesia Red Cross Wahyu Suriawijaya reveals that the public's enthusiasm for blood donor is currently very high. In one day, PMI Bandung can receive 100-150 donor people. Yet increased the number of donors who are donating blood through mobile blood donation.

    "Public awareness for blood donation in the Municipality of Bandung in particular already exists in 96 percent. While only 84 percent of the national course. In Bandung a blood donor has become lifestyle, just look at Saturday and Sunday it is full, "said Wahyu, at the office of PMI, Aceh Street Bandung while accompanying the governor did a blood donor.

    Need for blood in Bandung can reach 400-500 flask of blood per day. These needs can be met because PMI Bandung can distribute up to 144,000 flask of blood per year, obviously Wahyu.

    While the need for blood to reach the area of Bandung only 50,000 per year. Flask of blood is usually distributed to hospitals and districts / cities in West Java that the blood stock is less, up to the area of Jakarta, he said.

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