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    Superior Indigofera Seed is Being Certified


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserted that superior Indigofera seeds as fodder crops currently being certified. According to Ahmad Heryawan certification was done to maintain the quality of seeds that will be developed.

    As reported earlier, the provincial government is currently developing and spreading indigofera grass plants from Papua for animal feed. With Indigofera, feed costs could be saved over 50%.

    "Currently we're certifying quality seeds of Indigofera, because that is what can be expected from us disseminate to be planted by the people, and sustain quality" said Aher, greeting familiar Ahmad Heryawan, Friday (3/2)

    According to Aher, Indigofera plant indeed there are some kinds of variations, which are being developed by the provincial government is the superior quality and sustainability of quality should be maintained, among which is the certification efforts. Provincial Government has also provided more than 25 hectares of land in Cianjur for demonstration plot of Indigofera development.

    "We provide land in Cikadu Cianjur for Indigefera nursery plots. Hundreds of hectares of land available, but we use only about 25 to 50 hectares "said Aher.

    Aher asserted the commitment of provincial government to develop Indigofera because it can help the development of farms in West Java. (Even)

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