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    Schools Must Be Nursery of Personality


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said school should be a nursery of personality or nursery of character. It was revealed by Kang Aher, greeting familiar Ahmad Heryawan during a meeting with students and teachers in 3 High School of Bandung, Thursday (02/02).

    Therefore, according to Kang Aher, schools must improve the quality of education that is not just teaching.

    "Schools should be a seedbed of personality or character, good character in the sense of morality and character in terms of intellect and professionalism. Schools must give birth to a personal search of knowledge and good morals "he said.

    Aher also expects that school becomes a safe place for students and teachers. School should be a place that is missed by the students, especially in order to learn comfortably.

    "Schools should be a safe and enjoyable for all parties. That effort can be created with such friendly behavior from all parties. I hope that in the morning, Mr. Headmaster was standing at the gate to welcome students with a smile, then the teacher standing in the classroom door with a smile anyway "said Aher welcomed by applause of audience.

    Therefore Aher ordered all teachers should be Counseling teachers to monitor the development of students' personality. According to Aher it had particularly counseling teachers, but all teachers should be able to act as counseling teachers. (Even)

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