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    Karawang People Declares Anti HOAX


    KARAWANG-Responding to the amount of spread information smelled of defamation, incitement and hoaxes in social media, make uneasy enough for various communities especially those in regency of Karawang.

    On that basis, Karawang Office of Communications and Informatics as organizers, in cooperation with the Forkominda Forum, interfaith leaders, cultural, academic, student and social observers, NGOs, community Karawang hold anti Hoax Declaration opened directly by Karawang Regent dr.Cellica Nurrachadiana, by affixing hand stamp on the banner, held at Karang Pawitan shortly after doing gymnastics together, combined with the delivery of Certificate of Accreditation Level Plenary hospitals and basic health centers Certification, Friday (03/02).

    Hoax is material information that is engineered to cover the actual information. Hoax can also be interpreted as a distortions effort, through the process of reading the information that is reassuring, but it can not be verified. Sometimes hoaxes also be interpreted as an act of messing up the right information, by flooding the media with a wrong message to cover the correct message.

    H.Yasin Nasrudin.S.Sos as head of communications and informatics office in the report said, "The purpose of this activity is to encourage the whole society to care about fighting the spread of hoax information on Social Media, and aims to encourage people to be more critical in reading and spread the word in Social Media" , he said.

    He also said that the basis of this activity is Law No. 1 Year 1946 About the Criminal Code, Law Number 11 Year 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions, Communication and Information Minister Regulation No. 17 / Per / M.Kominfo / 03/2009 on dissemination of information by the National Government, Provincial Government, and the Government of Regency / City, as well as Karawang Regent Regulation No. 56 Year 2016 On "position, the organizational structure, tasks, functions and working procedures of the Office of Communications and Information Technology Karawang regency.

    Meanwhile, the Regent Karawang in her speech said, "I strongly support this event, as we committed to be more concerned and jointly combat the spread of false news or news fancy term called` HOAX` that is currently emerging in social media, "he said.

    According to her, a lot of hoax information are viral in social media then trigger a scene even creep into physical violence, it is also potentially disrupt national security.

    "Advances in IT have an impact on the disintegration therefore we must be careful in using it," said Regent.

    Regent added, vulnerable young generation is exposed to the spread of false news on social media. It is feared could destroy the young generation as the nation's future.

    "Young people are the most vulnerable to the dangers of hoax, it is regrettable that Indonesia will come filled by people who are not savvy in social media. Do not let our regret paid with long-suffering, "she added (@opa)

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