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    West Java Five Hospitals is Becoming Regional Public Service Agency


    BANDUNG-Five hospitals (Hospital) in West Java this year will be the Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD), an extension of the West Java Health Office. The fifth hospitals namely Al Ihsan Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital in Cisarua, West Bandung regency, Pameungpeuk Hospital in Garut, Jampang Kulon Hospital in Sukabumi Regency, Lung Hospital Sidawangi Cirebon. With Regional Public Service Agency is expected that hospital services to the community increases.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the five hospitals will effectively run Regional Public Service Agency starting March this year. While this February his side with the five hospitals perform the preparation and housekeeping pending revision of the governor's decision related to power users related Regional Public Service Agency budget or Regional Public Service Agency KPA. Especially for the four hospitals, with the exception of Al Ihsan, the four hospitals should resolve tariff scheme, no later than February's.

    "Regional Public Service Agency is currently for improved patient care, it is necessary to set the revision of the governor at 5 Regional Public Service Agency to run its performance autonomously as a hall of Health Office," said Iwa at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Friday (3/2)

    During the process of revision of the governor's decision, said Iwa, five hospitals must technical consultation with the health department and the hospital association in West Java area. The results will be submitted to BKPAD, the law firm for the strengthening of KPA RSU governor's decision revision.

    "While waiting for the revision kepgub must still serve the public while there needs a coaching for hospital human resource development, both non State Civil Apparatus and State Civil Apparatus," said Iwa.

    With Regional Public Service Agency said Iwa, it is expected there will be a better service. Regional Public Service Agency, management in the hospital is becoming autonomous through an extension. Sources of funds from the budget should be KPA from the health office. (Even)

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