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    Avoid BLAST Phenomenon with Cultural Literacy


    CIMAHI-Mother Literacy of West Java Netty Heryawan worry about children in West Java who experience the BLAST (Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stress, Tired) phenomenon which lead to social problems such as sexual violence and drugs in their productive age.

    Therefore, Netty said, one of the solutions that could be presented to young people through the school literary movement. Movement that is initiated by the Education Department of West Java aims to raise reading among students in the school.
    "Literacy is an ability that is marked by the reading habit," said Netty in front of students on Working Visit to 3 State High School Cimahi Thursday (01.02.17).

    Netty spoken, when someone likes to read it will be able to process information from reading. Furthermore, from the knowledge obtained will bring the solution of the problems faced. Because the books we read today we will determine what our future.

    Netty expects educational institutions must begin to design the kind of learning what makes kids new paradigm. So they need to be creative and have the soft skills to make the finished product in addition to support theirselves also support others.

    "In the future our children can be a good creator (job creation) instead of job seekers (job seekers)," he said.

    So on this occasion, Netty tells the students that students are the master piece created by God. Then we must identify the uniqueness and privileges that we have.
    Success must come from the intellect to see the opportunities of their own potential and find a conducive environment that supports the future


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