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    9000 Cataract Patients Will Get Free Treatment


    BANDUNG-Government of Bandung with Cicendo Hospital will perform free treatment program for patients with cataract eye disease in Bandung.

    Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil said his side welcomed the plan of this program, because it can help people with cataracts in Bandung, which currently reaches 9,000 people.

    "Statistical data as many as 9,000 people in the city of Bandung have cataract eye disease, according to Cicendo Hospital those are at risk of blindness but 80% can be treated to recover," he said.

    The Mayor hopes that the program can help people in Bandung who had a cataract until they recovered.

    "This is a program that should be expedited so that none of the patients who are blind," said the Mayor, after a meeting with Cicendo Hospital, in the Hall of Bandung, Dalem Kaum Street, Bandung, Thursday (02/02). (Parno)

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