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    9 Markets in Bandung Need Revitalizing


    BANDUNG-Bandung City Government plans to revitalize the nine traditional markets, namely Cihaurgeulis Market, Palasari Market, Kiaracondong Market, Cijerah Market, Flower Market Wastukancana, Jatayu Market, Gempol Market, Sederhana Market and Cihapit Market.

    Bandung Mayor, M. Ridwan Kamil said in a revitalization process that will be conducted from 2017 to 2018, the market atmosphere will be comfortable and favored for visitors, so that the traders economy can increase.

    "A market should be a place for silence or hang out in the market area, should create a multi-functional space but with continuity of care," said the Mayor, in the Hall of Bandung, Dalem Kaum Street, Bandung, Thursday (02/02).

    The mayor expects, traditional markets in Bandung become interactive places and eliminating drop off which then makes the market such as the plaza so it can be multi-functional.

    "I do not like a drop off, as it spends a positive space, as there are a few malls in Bandung they do not provide land to drop off," he said.

    Mayor recommends markets in Bandung such as Old Marketplace Madrid Cafe and San Miguel Market in Europe, where the greengrocer could adjacent to the cafe, but it does not interfere with each other because there is a clean condition.

    "I recommend to PD Pasar see design markets in Europe which I think is very unique because there is no zoning there so that visitors can buy vegetables while have a coffee," he said. (Parno)

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