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    Governor Donates Blood in Bandung Indonesia Red Cross


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in the middle of busy took time to donate blood at Indonesia Red Cross in Bandung Aceh Street, Thursday (2/2). Ahmad Heryawan familiarly called Aher claimed this is eighth time of donor as Governor of West Java.

    "This is the eighth time for me as governor. If the count before becoming governor's it is often" he told reporters after a blood donor.

    Aher reasoned frequent blood donation, especially for the health of the donors themselves.

    "To be healthy, so the theory to donate blood because it can maintain healthy blood quality is updated every do blood donor. Yes besides helping the blood stock in the Red Cross" he said.

    Aher donated blood volume of 350 cc with blood type O. Aher also plans to invite the provincial government officials for blood donors together next week. (Even)

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