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    OCBC NISP Bank Tbk Reachs Profit Rp 1.8 trillion


    BANDUNG-NISP Bank, one of the banks that evolved from West Java, in 2016 recorded a profit of Rp 1.8 trillion.

    "The increase in third party funds and net profit respectively by 19% from 2015 to Rp 103.6 trillion and Rp 1.8 trillion," said President & CEO of OCBC NISP Bank Parvati Surjaudaja in a press release on Tuesday (07/02 ).

    Growth on cheap funds generated from savings and current account deposits coupled with the acquisition of becoming one of the positive catalyst for the performance of third-party fund. The composition of customer deposits consisted of 60% in the deposit portfolio, 24% in demand deposits and 16% in savings.

    "The growth of third party funds can not be separated from the quality that is maintained with a main focus on the Current Account Savings Account (CASA). Efforts to boost positive CASA growth continuing through improving the quality of products and services and develop programs that can provide added value and in accordance with the needs of customers, "said President & CEO of OCBC NISP Bank Parvati Surjaudaja.

    Good growth performance in 2016, supported with the effort of OCBC NISP Bank offers a wide range of financial solutions aimed at individual customers as wealth management products with a variety of spacious and corporations such as Cash Management.

    Shut down in 2016, the increase in total assets of OCBC NISP Bank penetrate 15% (yoy) from Rp 120.5 trillion at the end of 2015 to Rp 138.2 trillion. The increase in total assets was driven by loan growth reached 9% (yoy) from Rp 85.9 trillion at the end of 2015 to Rp 93.4 trillion at the end of 2016.

    Credit growth is in line with appropriate risk management strategies and the precautionary principle applied. OCBC NISP Bank maintains its credit quality by recording a NPL Non Performing Loan (NPL) ratio of 1.9% gross and nett of 0.8%. The main financial ratios were also within the range of positive and healthy level. jo

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