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    There is Still Weakness in Good and Service Procurement Process


    BANDUNG-Head of BPK RI West Java Representative Arman Shifa, SST, M.Acc.Ak in Inspection Report (LHP), the local government said, there are weaknesses in the budgeting process and procurement planning, the overpayment on the implementation of spending on goods and services expenditures as well as consulting services. Moreover, spending on fuel oil (BBM), stationery (ATK), as well as vehicles service are not accounted for in accordance with the actual expenditure.

    These things explained by Arman, Monday (6/2) when handing LHP Semester II 2016 Phase II, following the submission of LHP Performance and Audit Reports With Specific Purpose (PDTT) in 11 local governments that have been conducted on Friday, December 16, 2016 ,
    "It is explained by Arman, the implementation of official travel expenditures are not in accordance with the provisions, other than that there is a shortage of volume at work building roads and irrigation networks. Regarding the penalty for delay completion of the work has not been charged and guarantee the implementation of yet, is not done, "said Arman.
    The many vulnerabilities presented in the LHP Arman explained, each Regional Head shall render the development of follow-up was done to the CPC in accordance with article 20 paragraph (3) of Act number 15 of 2004 no later than 60 days after this LHP submitted.
    "In this case, the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) can conduct discussions in accordance with its authority to encourage and oversee the follow-up to recommendations of the CPC," he concluded.

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