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    Classy Learning Generates Qualified Student


    KUNINGAN-USAID PRIORITY continues to encourage teaching and learning activities in the classroom to avoid monotony, not to be bored students in learning. To avoid such a thing teachers should continue to motivate himself to the best ability in facilitating children in learning.

    One of active learning Junior High teachers training results program are already showing results, one of which SMPN 1 Cilimus achieves achievement since partnered with USAID PRIORITY.

    It revealed in relase of Kuningan USAID Priority delivered to jabarprov.go.id, Sunday (5/2)

    Further explained that last achievement that achieved by one of the SMPN 1 Cilimus students is the champions of story telling contest that was held by Unswagati Cirebon campus three region of Cirebon. Prestigious achievement was won by Fathiyah Hasna class IX A.

    "Thank God, after being guided by Mrs. Neni Rohaeni, English learning is so exciting and fun, learning is so fun anyway" said Fathi, her nickname, after receiving the trophy on Unswagati campus, Friday (03/02/2017).

    USAID PRIORITY training activities that is longstanding in the Kuningan regency has revealed the results. Because when the quality of learning, student achievement will surely follow.

    "We are teachers at SMPN 1 Cilimus believe that the result never betray the process, when the learning process more qualified and better, then student achievement will increase, as champions storytelling on Unswagati campus Cirebon recently" said Neni Rohaeni, English teacher.
    "After trained by USAID PRIORITY, teachers are able to make the Student Worksheet (LKS) alone for students, although simple. It is also taught to understand gender differences in serving the individual learner, so it will not happen again gender inequality, the result was academic and non academic achievement of students is increasing "said Momon. [ASB]

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