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    Data Rollover Can Accumulate Remaining Quota for One Year


    BANDUNG-IM3 Ooredoo has a breakthrough that was first performed in the telecommunications industry, a new product feature is Data Rollover that is addressed to all monthly Internet packages customers.

    President Director & Chief Executive Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, Alexander Rusli said Data Rollover allows customers who do not use the main quota until the end of the month to be able to use the remaining quota in the next month. Customers can accumulate the remainder of this quota for one year. In other words, customers can automatically save the main quota remaining unused in each month for free.

    "Customers told us about the harm they get, related to loss of internet quota that they had bought, and IM3 Ooredoo answers the customer complaints by presenting Data Rollover. Quota has been fully paid by the customer is the customer's right. In essence, it is a big mistake to take back what has been purchased by the customer. Data Rollover is a right choice. "He said in Bandung, Friday (02/02/2017).

    According to him, now customers do not have to worry anymore. What they have paid, they can save. Customers can use the IM3 Ooredoo quota remaining unused when needed, and this privilege is valid up to 12 months.

    "As a simple example, if you have paid for 4GB of data quota and only used as much as 2.8GB, 1.2GB of data remaining to be added through the Data Rollover in the next month and so on for one year." concluded by him. (MAT)

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