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    BJB is Expected To Remain Concerned about Teachers Origin Banten


    BANDUNG-Assistant Banten Provincial Ino S. Rawita hopes that BJB bank remains concerned about the teacher from Banten.

    "Despite already having Banten Bank, but the payment of salaries still through BJB Bank. I hope BJB attention to the teacher from Banten remain, "he said in appreciation for teachers at the Intercontinental Hotel Dago Pakar, Wednesday (01/02) evening.

    He appreciated the bjb love teacher program should be appreciated because it provides many benefits to teachers. For example give a discount purchase of books and free VIP-class service at every airport in the Indonesian Lounge.

    "The more attention to the welfare of the teachers and their performance would be even better. The quality of learning will rise. So it is not wrong to give more attention to the teacher, "he explained.

    He hopes bjb continue to provide assistance to improve the professionalism of teachers in West Java and Banten. Jo

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