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    RZ is Launching National Alms Agency Emergency School in Pidie Jaya


    BANDUNG-The national alms agency of provincial government in cooperation with the RZ (Rumah Zakat) inaugurated the Emergency School in SDN Teumanah village, Tringgadeng subdistrict, Pidie Jaya District, Aceh. Although only unveiled, but the Emergency School has been used for teaching and learning activities class I and II SDN Peuduk Tunong since early January.

    "Alhamdulillah, development of Emergency School for children affected by the earthquake in Pidie Jaya has been completed. Hopefully this can contribute to stimulating children's learning and increase their motivation to stay in school before the school they could really use, "said Program Director of RZ, Noor Muhammad Yahya, Wednesday (1/2).

    Besides Noor Yahya, the inauguration ceremony was also attended by the head of the village of Deah Teumanah, Secretary Head, and Head of Empowerment and West Java National Alms Agency Distribution. On that occasion, also distributed school supplies were symbolically handed over to some students.

    "We would like to thank National Alms Agency, RZ, and the people of West Java in general, which has helped us. The help was very meaningful for us. Thanks also for all the help that has been done from the beginning such as trauma healing, coaching religion, mosque construction and other aid that has been done, "said the head of the village of Deah Teumanah, Muhammad Ali.

    From the release of RZ, in addition of Aceh, currently RZ also initiates Emergency School program and the revitalization of education facilities for refugee children in Rohingya and Syria. Currently, the Emergency School in the development process. (Even)

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