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    West Java Plans to Build Three New Toll Roads


    BANDUNG-Provincial Government of West Java plans to build three new toll roads. Two toll roads will connect Cipali Highway with critical infrastructure in West Java and the other toll road with the tourist area. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) will soon propose this project to the central government.

    After a leadership meeting (leadership meeting) held at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, on Wednesday (02.01.17), Aher explains these three toll roads to support strategic infrastructure in West Java which is currently under construction. Three toll roads are connecting Cipali - Kertajati airport Majalengka, Cipali - Patimban Port Subang, and toll to the Geopark area Ciletuh Sukabumi or Jagoratu (Jakarta - Bogor - Palabuhan Ratu).

    "This is the plan forward. Hopefully this plan is well managed and then we want to create its unit, so it will be monitored all times its development and 14 toll roads previously, "said Aher after leadership meeting.

    Plan for the construction of three toll roads add to the toll road project in West Java, for a total of 17 toll roads. Long three toll roads reaches 77 km, with details of the toll Cipali - Patimban 20km, Cipali - Kertajati Airports 7 km and 50 km for Jagoratu Toll.

    "Jagoratu will really save travel time. So, why is it important for us to welcome the thrust yes Ciletuh. Moreover, if the queen wanted Palabuhan built soon, "said Aher.

    In addition, at the meeting also discussed about Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road (BIUTR). BIUTR is a Central Government project implemented in West Java. West Java Provincial Government also fully supports this national project.

    Projects in collaboration with JICA of Japan will begin its contract in June 2017. One of them is for the toll roads of Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) to the Soekarno-Hatta Bandung. However, Aher admitted the project is constrained with land acquisition.

    "The land that we focus on the release of Padaleunyi (GBLA) to Soekarno-Hatta. Most have been released, "said Aher.

    West Java provincial government has poured budget to Rp 350 billion for this toll road project. Rp 50 Billion is financial assistance from the West Java provincial government to the municipal government of Bandung and Rp 300 Billion is the West Java provincial government spending for land acquisition.

    Land that has not been released in the program are from GBLA towards Seokarno-Hatta along 3 km. The budget needed to liberate this land to reach Rp 900 billion due to land prices reach Rp 3 million / meter.

    "Well, Rp 900 billion still had not agreed on where the money is, if it is from Province, we have stated the objection because the money is big enough. Because our expenses for health, education, and others, "said Aher.

    West Java provincial government will discuss the issue with the Director General of Highways Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). To complete this project, Aher hopes can be completed entirely by the Central Government or any solution other funding patterns.

    "Therefore, the Rp 900 billion seems it should be sharing again. It will be good when sharing, 50% funding of the central government, provincial government 30%, 20% Municipal Government, "said Aher.

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