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    151 Urban Villages in Bandung Will Have Rice ATM


    BANDUNG-Around 151 urban villages in Bandung will have rice ATM. This application is made to avoid the diversion of rice for the needy.

    Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil said his side was working with PT Rekayasa Otomatis Indonesia makes rice ATM so that the needy people obtain free rice.

    "Later, the poor can get free rice in each e-stalls spread across 151 urban villages in Bandung," he told reporters in Bandung (31/1).

    The man who is familiarly called Emil describes the technical to get this free rice that needy people just show ATM card and put it to Rice ATM.

    "Technically residents just show card and then put it in then the rice out of the ATM," he explained.

    Furthermore Emil said rice ATM program will be handled directly by the Department of Poverty for the delivery process.

    Director of PT.Rekayasa Otomatis Indonesia Budi Adji Abdul Gonie said his side had done the same thing in several places in the city one of which was at Masjid Salman ITB. So he hopes that this rice Atm program the public can know the extent of this reduction program for the right target.

    "This is for the poor, in this way can be transparent and targeted," he said.

    According to him, in addition to the urban village, rice ATM will also be placed on a number of points of poverty and disaster areas.

    "rice ATM will be placed in the pockets of poverty in the affected areas," he concluded.

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